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ADAX Famn WiFi Convector 1000 WATT

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  • Product Code: ADAX Famn H 10 KWT
  • Availability: Upon Order
  • 299.00€
  • 241.13€ + TAX

The ADAX Famn  WiFi has a modern and elegant design and features a glass front in two colours.

The ADAX Famn WiFi, offers powerful heat with thermal emission, by sending hot air from the front of the heat emitter.

WiFi, through the easy-to-use ADAX app with Bluetooth, offers us full control and programming of the thermo emitter or group of ADAX thermo emitters.

Like all ADAX heaters, the ADAX Famn WiFi features high quality construction, high heating efficiency, hygienic heating and very economical consumption.

The ADAX Famn WiFi heat emitter becomes mobile with the special floor mounts, simple or on wheels.

Ready integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Daily and weekly temperature programming High hygienic heating performance.

Modern electronic programmable thermostat.

Economy in consumption.

Easy installation.

Specifications : IP 24 protection - The thermoconverter is approved for use in bathrooms. Powerful thermal emission and hygienic heat output. Does not dry the atmosphere. Automatic protection against overheating. Temperature can also be adjusted locally on the thermo transmitter without Wi-Fi connection. Power cable length 1.3 m. The thermostat can be replaced. 8 years warranty Translated with (free version)

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