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Water Softeners

Using a softener, or more properly an ion exchange softener, will help you enjoy all the benefits of soft water in your home or business.

Put an end to damage because of salts, stained surfaces or hard deposits and problems with washing machines and other appliances and machines that run on water. Soft water also needs less detergent ΄ and generally less  chemical treatment in most uses

Our softeners are imported from the European Union, made by leading manufacturers in water treatment products in Europe, with exports worldwide. They are covered by the strictest international quality standards. (CE, ISO, PZH, TUV on a case by case basis). Installation requires simple plumbing and our company  will support you for the lifetime of the machine.

There are many models that cover from the smallest house to industry.


  • We carefully study each problem and each application and propose the most appropriate solution
  • We assemble each water softener according to the customer's needs
  • We have specialized and deep knowledge of water softening, based on the expertise ang know how of our European suppliers and our 30+ years of experience
  • We offer an excellent after sales support with spare parts adequacy and immediacy

Household models of water softeners are available in black and white colors, with a translucent lid.

White color is temporarily unavailable 


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