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Disinfection of Small Plastic Pools

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A ready-made product with which you can disinfect small tanks and children's pools in a very simple and safe way.

The disinfectant is chlorine dioxide.

As a disinfectant chemical it is completely ecological and safe.


Water tanks

Small pools without mechanical equipment

Other characteristics:

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been described as the "ideal" biocidal product.

Disinfects spaces and surfaces.

Eliminates the risk of growth of microorganisms in drinking water such as fungi, viruses (streptococcus, staphylococcus, influenza) and other microbes.

Improves taste and eliminates odors in water.

Easy, fast and completely safe to use. It is used as a solution in water and by simple mopping, spraying or application. Each 1 gr tablet can create up to 10 liters. solution.

It will disinfect your food by simply washing it, leaving floors and surfaces completely sterile, and making suspicious water completely safe to drink.

Does not affect corrosion of pipes, filter pipes, pumps.

Environmentally friendly.

Chlorine dioxide is the future of disinfection because it contains no poisons, no harmful substances and no chemicals.

NSF.60 certified even for drinking water.

Product of Canadian DUKA Ltd.

The disinfection process can be done by the user as long as he applies simple and clear instructions.

Due to the very safe composition of ClO2, there is no case of overdose so even with a wrong dosage there is no risk.

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