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STOPCOR SOLAR Anode for solar systems

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MAXIMUM PROTECTION FROM CORROSION AND DAMAGE The autonomous STOPCOR SOLAR device is an anode for the solar water heater. It is an innovative product that provides 2-year protection from electrolysis. It is the only STOPCOR device that has a spare part. The STOPCOR anode series is characterized by the method of generating and applying electrical voltage, through a sacrificial magnesium anode. In this way an electrolytic dipole is formed with a copper foil, in a common environment, which can deliver a voltage of about 1.5 volts and a current density of about 10 mA. The anodes function as autonomous devices for generating constant voltage and intensity. They have two adjustment points: The cable that is built into the top of the device and connected to the magnesium metal inside. The terminal is located on the side of the device, which is connected to the second electrolytic pole that surrounds the magnesium metal. These two points of the device are connected to the metal installations and generally to any metal surface that may have a predisposition for electrolysis. The upper cable is connected to the metal surfaces and the terminal, via cable, to a ground point that we create on the floor. In this way a constant electric voltage and direct current intensity is imposed, with a negative sign. The metal surfaces become electro-negative, thus preventing electrolysis. The diversity of the facilities and in general of the constructions in terms of size, materials and the way of construction, led us to the construction of different  anodes, which can meet the respective needs. The STOPCOR cathodic protection device with magnesium anode protects against wear - corrosion of metals caused by electrolysis and is applied to the following:

Cathodic protection in solar water heater

Cathodic protection in electric water heater

Cathodic protection in boiler

Cathodic protection in Boiler Cathodic protection in Heating - radiators

Cathodic protection in air conditioning

Cathodic protection in water pump

Cathodic protection in circulator

Cathodic protection in hydraulic piping

Cathodic protection on a boat engine

Cathodic protection in electric motor Cathodic protection on a power pole

Cathodic protection in a wind turbine

Cathodic protection in a gas pipe

Cathodic protection in a swimming pool Cathodic protection in a water pipe

Cathodic protection in building reinforcement

Cathodic protection in photovoltaics

The duration of operation of the anodes has been estimated at about three years, however it may be shorter in installations where there is a very strong electrolysis effect. On the contrary, the duration can be more than three years in installations with smaller phenomena. A small but substantial maintenance such as a six-month inspection can also contribute to longer life.

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