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 Enjoy a superior pool cleaning experience with the Dolphin S series robotic vacuum cleaner S200.

The S200 robotic vacuum cleaner is easy to handle as it is extremely light offering clean water effortlessly.

You have the option of two sets of ultra / fine filters for water filtration.

It has dual active brushing action and Power Stream while moving.

Ensures full coverage of the pool surface with intense brushing and scrubbing on all surfaces leaving the bottom, walls and waterline spot spotless.


Operating Cycle Time: 2 hours.

Cable length: 18m.

Weight: 7.5 Kg

Filtration: Net box and set of filters for ultra / fine filtering.

Brushing: Double speed-Active brush for effective brushing of surfaces.

Power supply: Smart energy efficient power supply for minimal consumption

Advantages 

It cleans, brushes bottoms, walls, and waterline by filtering pool water in just 2 hours. 

Filters accessible from above - easy filter removal and cleaning. 

Comes with a set of ultra-fine filters

Active brushing action, surface rubbing prevents the growth of algae and bacteria. 

Standalone system that does not require pre-installation. 

Fast water release 

Lightweight and easy to use 

Complete pool coverage with the PowerStream Peace of system

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