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Shower filter of high efficiency, made in Europe

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FIT AQUA Crystal Spring Shower Filter.

This is a filter, in metallic shade, with a hot water resistant filtration material that you use in the shower. Your new shower filter FIT AQUA CRYSTAL SPRING and the high quality materials it contains: They dechlorinate, detoxify and soften water. Chlorine is the most dangerous pollutant in water, both in drinking water and on your skin and hair. People with sensitive skin and hair will see an immediate difference. Babies whose skin reddens in the bath (atopic dermatitis, allergies) will improve immediately. With a quick reference in the international medical literature we find that during a shower, our body absorbs through the pores of the skin up to 20 times more chlorine than the water we drink. Scientific studies show that a hot shower can be a health hazard, as chlorine evaporates to form chloroform, a gas thought to contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems when inhaled. Some of the effects of chlorine during a shower increase the chances of developing various forms of cancer.

Causes dry skin and itching, it disturbs the natural balance of the hair and makes it dry, without shine, increases the effects of aging.

The FIT AQUA CRYSTAL SPRING SHOWER FILTER contains active microparticles, completely safe materials (certified for use within the EU) whose combination ensures in addition to the dechlorination of hot water, that:

They remove odors from impurities in the water supply network and contribute to the retention of heavy metals (Lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.).

They have the ability to treat water for up to 6 months for normal use of a family.

They remove the residues, reduce the salts of the water and their accumulation in the water point where it is placed.

The difference is immediately noticeable.

The filter is easily installed and changed every 6 months by yourself without the need for knowledge or tools. So in a very economical way you will enjoy clean and healthy water in your shower forever. 

Tags: Shower filter of high efficiency, made in Europe

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