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 CRYSTAL SPRING drinking water softener, capacity 50 LIT RESIN WITH VOLUMETRIC factory RX HEAD.

CRYSTAL SPRING resin softeners are of European origin.

The softener works by passing water through a container filled with a special resin. This resin is absolutely neutral in terms of the potability of the water and keeps on its surface the calcium and magnesium salts present in hard water, while its life span usually exceeds 10 years

The retention rate of the salts is easily adjustable by the user. When this resin reaches saturation, the system automatically flushes and throws the salts it has retained into the drain. Immediately after, completely automatically and using the salt water of the tank, the resin is regenerated and the system returns to a fully functional state.

Maximum flow capacity 4 km/h. 1'' connection cross-section for high peak flow.

Its dimensions are: (approximate) for the resin container 120 x 35 cm (H x W ) and the brine container 100 x 50 cm (H x W ). Dimensions may vary based on factory availability.

Our softeners are sourced in the European Union from leading manufacturers of water treatment equipment in Europe, exporting worldwide. They are covered by the strictest international quality standards. (CE, ISO, PZH, TUV in case of individual parts)

By installing a new water softener in your home, enjoy the benefits of soft water.

CRYSTAL SPRING water softeners incorporate:

"Smart" Volumetric mechanism that the device itself automatically calculates when the regeneration will take place.

Economical and more environmentally friendly operation.

Resistance to high pressures.

High strength synthetic parts.

Fully potable certified resins, synthetic parts and heads..

Excellent DESIGN.

Many models for every use.

Specialized solutions to cover every home application or professional application.

Automatic adjustment with advanced technologies and user-friendly menu.

Installation and support by our qualified technicians.

The 50 liter Water Softener is recommended for commercial or heavy domestic use but each application depends on the quality of the incoming water which varies by area and water supply method.

Consult us

Do not hesitate to consult us even for specialized cases.

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