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Calcium Hypochlorite tablets for water disinfection 1kg

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Calcium hypochlorite in solid tablet form,  is suitable for disinfection of tanks and drinking water network. The 7gr calcium hypochlorite tablets need to be placed in a chlorinator (float) to ensure the controlled of the active substance from the tablets. Another way is to dissolve the tablets in a container and channel them into the water using a dosing pump. The above two cases are  appropriate  to disinfect  water in a correct and safe way.

In order to achieve the appropriate concentration, the volume of the tank must first be calculated and then based on the dosage indicated on the package, the required quantity (weight in gr) of the tablets to be used must be calculated. It is pointed out that the dissolution devices must be clean and intended for the specific use (disinfection of water with tablets). Please read carefully the instructions and precautions on the package before each use of calcium hypochlorite because it is a chemically active substance. UN, EC, CAS certifications

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