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Greek design, technology and manufacturing device, for the protection of hydraulic networks and machinery from the deposits of water salts.


Greek construction and technology

Ecological behavior

Adaptable to every application.

Number of electrodes/antennas 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 depending on the diameter of the water supply pipe, on which the device is applied.

With this device, we achieve, in an easy, ecological and inexpensive operational way, avoiding sticking of salts of water in the pipelines and simultaneous destruction of a large number of contained micro-organisms that frees us from annoying greens spots in various parts of the network and in tanks.

The device is used to protect washing machines, radiators, air conditioners, coffee machines, water heaters, greenhouses, piping networks in buildings and ships and where there is generally a case of salt accumulation. The measured hardness of the water does not change after the device, but the behavior of the salts changes and there are no deposits.


Application on a pipe with a diameter of up to 1'' and a network radius of up to 100 m.

230 V AC power supply

5mA consumption Output

200V Pulse Dimensions 17 X 12 X 5.5 cm

Weight 620 gr.

Protection IP 65 IEC 529


Each device is accompanied by detailed instructions for installation and use. The process is simple and requires simple tools.

Tags: scalefree, scale, remover, device, 1-model

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