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REFRIGERATOR WATER FILTER. Highest quality , incorporating Carbon Block media. European made.

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Refrigerator filter with Solid Activated Carbon (CARBON BLOCK)  for enhanced performance and  EUROPEAN made

It is placed in the water supply line (usually behind the refrigerator) as long as it is done with the usual plastic pipe.

Retention of chlorine, chemical and solid pollutants.

Produces clean odorless and healthy water.

It easily replaces the filters of most refrigerators (LG, GE, SAMSUNG etc.) that are connected with plastic pipes at the back of the refrigerator.

Comes with complete installation instructions.

Resistance to permanent pressure 8BAR

Recommended use for 6 months given the level of chlorination of water supply networks.

You can even replace the very expensive internal filters of today's refrigerators, with our cartridge.

It's a simple process - Ask us for information.

All filters can withstand a constant pressure of 8 bar.

No filter or household appliance can withstand hydraulic shocks or higher pressures.

Ask us for information on how you can protect yourself from possible damage.

 This product can also be used in reverse osmosis systems (5th stage filtration after the membrane) as well as as a replacement part part in any drinking water filter that uses activated carbon with in line placement.

Tags: REFRIGERATOR WATER FILTER. Highest quality, incorporating Carbon Block media. European made.

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