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Double Filter for softener's main feed 3/4" Made in Europe

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  • Brand: Crystal Spring
  • Product Code: Α1015952Κ
  • Availability: Available in store / Delivery 1 to 3 days
  • 106.00€
  • 85.48€ + TAX

Double water filter for installation in the general supply next to your softener.

The system is European Made, assembled in Greece with certifications according to European Standards.

It connects directly to the house's general water supply and filters out all solid contaminants.

The second stage is connected to the outlet of the softener, it is made of stainless washable screen and is intended to contain resin residues in case of damage to the softener. After the second stage there is a special sampling valve for easy hardness measurements and additionally, receiving water supply for the softener area

The dirt removal capacity of the filter includes:

1st stage, solids (mud, stones), with a capacity of 20 microns

2nd stage , solids larger than 50 microns.

This double filter is an solution for home use as well as professional use in collaboration with softeners

The wall panel on which the filters are fitted makes installation easy and safe.

The system includes the spare parts of the filters for its first use 

H A HARALAMPIDIS continues to take care of you even after the installation of your filter with:

Continuous technical coverage and immediate service

Filter replacement / change reminder every 6 months

Maintenance / support contracts if desired

  • Διπλό Φίλτρο κάτω από πάγκο (Με βρυσάκι και σετ εγκατάστασης) Ευρωπαικής Κατασκευής

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